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Scandinavian Advanced Renewable Energy

Powering The Future

About Us

About us

SAREN Infrastructure is a holding company for long term investments in energy-related infrastructure assets in the Nordic region, with a focus on renewable and sustainable technologies.

  • Assets in the Nordic region. These countries are characterised by modern urban energy systems, leading energy-intensive businesses, market transparency and ambitious national climate targets
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure assets based on advanced technologies which allow efficient operations
  • Sustainable energy-related infrastructure that ensures a pathway to carbon-neutrality and energy efficiency, such as renewable power generation, advanced grid investments and energy storage, district heating and efficient energy recovery

SAREN Infrastructure is managed by Whitehelm Capital and funded by long term institutional investors and pension funds.

Our Facilities


SAE, Norway

Borregårdsveien 70, Sarpsborg, 1721, Norway

Sarpsborg Avfallsenergi AS (SAE) is a state of the art facility for energy recovery of waste-derived fuel located in the industrial area of Sarpsborg (Southern Norway). The company converts primarily household waste, through modern gasification technology which allows for minimal emissions, into industrial steam for leading biochemical player Borregaard. CO2 emissions have been reduced by c.40,000 tpa, equivalent to the environmental benefit of 4 million trees.

Capacity 32.4 MW
Gross energy production 255GWh of steam per year
Fuel ca 80,000 tons of waste per year
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Asset Management

Whitehelm Capital is one of the world’s most experienced infrastructure investors and investment strategy advisors. With an outstanding track record spanning over 18 years, €3.1 billion of funds under management and $11.0 billion in funds under advice we are one of the world’s largest independent infrastructure managers.

18 years of experience


Funds Under Management

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Whitehelm Capital’s committed investor base provides a robust access to significant investment resources which gives Whitehelm the ability to invest for the long term. It’s a partnership which shares the common values of SAREN to take a long-term sustainable approach to investments for future generations.

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